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S. Korean Fashion Makes Inroads In Japan

They appear confident that Japans affection for South Korean music, television and other forms of popular culture will translate into success in the fashion world. A Dolly & Molly shop in the Shibuya Parco department store. (The Japan News) The South Korean womens clothing brand Dolly & Molly opened its first store in Japan in Parco department store in Shibuya, Tokyo, on Aug. 23. Featuring colourful, fun designs, the brands popularity was boosted after its products were worn by members of the hit bands Girls Generation and KARA. Dolly & Molly set up a street booth outside Parco on Sept.

Margaret Cho Forced to Cover Up Her Nude Tattooed Body at Clothing-Optional Korean Spa

When Cho dropped her famous name, she writes, "[A staff member] apologized even more profusely and tried to explain that in Korean culture, tattoos are very taboo and my body was upsetting everyone there." Though Cho complied and wore the robe for the rest of her spa treatments, she says she was "still being given heavy duty Korean woman stinkeye." PHOTOS: Winter's hottest celebrity bikini bods After paying, she complained about the way she was treated. "I told them that Korean culture is one thing, but this place is in Los Angeles," Cho writes. "We are not in Korea right now. This is America. And it's not like I enjoyed looking at their bodies that much. These were all women of various sizes and shapes and some, like me, bore the marks of a difficult life.

South Korean garment industry urged Cambodia to act on striking workers

A two-week garment workers' strike was violently broken by police and military firing into protesting crowds on Friday, leading to the deaths of up to five people. In a statement released Monday on the Facebook page of the beli jaket jepang South Korean Embassy in Cambodia, officials detailed pleas to both the ministries in Hun Sen's ruling government and the key opposition party led by Sam Rainsy. In a translation obtained by the ABC from its original Korean, the Facebook post, since removed from the site, said embassy staff had actively engaged Cambodian police and military to protect South Korean assets. "We've prepared concrete actions with the co-operation of the police and the army for protection of our labourers," said the statement.

Korean Clothing Company Adds RFID to Its Supply Chain

IP Address 114.79.*.* Content I\'m Naru from Indonesia, I have a business of second hand clothes. I\'m interested to buy your products. So I need your information about how to order, the product price list etc. the sooner i get it, the faster I can consider to decide to visit your company. I\'m waiting for your replying information.

Korean Second-Hand Clothing Seperation

The Basic House manufactures four fashion brands, which it sells at its own stores specific to those brands, as well as at department stores operated by other retailers. The company wants to use RFID to eventually track all of the garments, but is starting with just two fashion brands: Mind Bridge and The Class. Mind Bridge operates 86 stores in Korea, while The Class has another 73, all of which will use handheld interrogators to read the tags this year as shipments arrive from a DC, and conduct subsequent inventory checks. The company's factories have begun tagging approximately 2 million pieces of these two brands, and will continue tagging all items within those brands as they are manufactured.

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